The Crisis

Traffic is choking metro Atlanta. Billions of dollars are wasted in traffic congestion each year, costing the average metro commuter $924 annually in wasted fuel and lost time. Businesses are discouraged from moving to our region and creating jobs because of the added costs and hassles of traffic congestion. And home values suffer as homebuyers avoid clogged communities.

“I moved to Cobb County for the outstanding quality of life and to get the most out of my housing dollars. However, any money that I have saved by moving to the suburbs is now being spent on fuel and vehicle maintenance. I spend roughly ten hours a week stuck in traffic due to clogged roads and no access to regional transit. That’s why I’m voting yes to finally address our transportation crisis.”
— Robert Broome

Myth & Facts

MYTH: We can’t afford another penny in sales tax to invest in transportation.

FACT: We’re already paying a hefty levy for traffic congestion – you could call it a “congestion tax”…

MYTH: Transportation improvements will do little to relieve traffic in our region.

FACT: Investing in transportation improvements will take thousands of cars off the road…

MYTH: The project list is heavily weighted toward transit, and transit won’t relieve congestion since so few people in the region use transit.

FACT: Building transit has the potential of taking the cars in front of you off the road…